Life Insurance for
Lads on the Tools

It’s free, quick and painless! Life Insurance is a plan which will ensure your loved ones are taken care of if the worse did happen.
Get A Free Quote and have a friendly chat with someone who is guaranteed to have had experience previously working on the construction site.
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Did You Know

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builders died on site between 2001 – 2015
than British Soldiers serving in Afghanistan
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accounts for only 5% of British employees
but is responsible for 31% of deaths
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is paid out every single day 
for critical illness and income protection

It’s Simple

Give us a few basic details and let us make sure you and your family have the peace of mind in case the worse did happen. We hope it doesn’t, but there’s no harm making sure your back up is backed up.

No Shirts, no Ties, just Sense

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Food For Thought

A picture of a Cancer Ribbon
new cancer cases every year
as a result of exposures within the construction industry.
A picture of a Young Adult
The age of the youngest person to claim on a critical illness policy
A picture of a jockey on top of a horse
1 in 2
people are directly affected by cancer
That’s a 50% chance. If that was a bet those seem pretty likely odds, don’t you think?


#Together Stronger

We’ve been in the game a long time, and are fully supportive of our fellow tradesmen. That’s why we donate £1 to the fantastic Band of Builders charity for every quote we take.


Some of our common questions

How much will it cost?

Jack is completely free to use. There are no charges to speak to us.

Life Insurance will not break the bank and is probably cheaper than you realise.

Pocket the price of a couple of beers a week and make sure you and your family are protected!


Do I really need Life Insurance?

Like it or not, you need Life Insurance! And further more given your line of work, you need it more than most.

Life Insurance isn’t as black and white as life or death. What if you fall from a ladder, trip up on site and break your arm, who is going to bring in your wage to ensure your monthly bills are paid on time?

We hope you never need it, but there is no harm in having your back up, backed up!


What’s the chance I’d see a Payout?

In 2019 98.3% of protection claims were paid out. That means only 1.7% didn’t, and the only reason for that was due to porkie pies being told on the application. We don’t mind what you tell us, as long as it is the truth!
On average a policy is 8yrs old before a claim is made.


Why go through JACK?

JACK comes from the construction background, having 10yrs experience working in your field, he knows the dangers and risks you are facing everyday. JACK is passionate about you guys having the right protection.

JACK also has access to all providers out there so grab yourself a brew and let us do the work for you. We get access to deals not available to the average bloke.

We are the building merchants of Life Insurance. Cheaper, Friendlier and built to last!

Who is actually protecting me?

Here at JACK we have access to all Life Insurance providers, but we know who is best when it comes to protecting you guys on site. Everyone at JACK is FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) approved but have a history working in the construction industry which makes us the only man for the job when it comes to getting you the right protection!

How quickly will it take to get the cover in place?

Here at Jack we pride ourselves on moving quickly. Hit the “GET QUOTE” button, speak to someone from JACK and if necessary we can get your cover in place the same day. We don’t dilly dally around.

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Heard Enough?

Do the sensible thing and get a quote. You know it makes sense.