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There are no fees for JACK to arrange your mortgage for you, plus working with us means you get guaranteed advice. If JACK can’t get you a mortgage, we can guarantee no Tom, Dick or Harry can either. We can help you find the right Mortgage deal, without any complicated sales patter – just professional, honest advice from somebody you can trust.
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Advice from somebody you trust

Some of our advisers at JACK spent over 10 years in the construction industry… we make sure they all have some sort of experience in the trades, here’s what some of them had to say…
“I remember when I sat down, just finished work on site and met with a Financial Advisor who was suited and booted while I sat there all dusty in my work stuff to discuss my upcoming property purchase.
I was presented with different terms, interest rates, life insurance deals, all sorts and really didn’t have a clue about it all. I worked on a building site and needed protection that was going to cover me for all eventualities’ but explaining that to someone in a suit and tie wasn’t the easiest of tasks. It was almost like I was having to explain the dangers to him, rather than him already knowing what I may encounter on a daily basis.
When it came to the mortgage itself, all I knew was that I wanted the lowest interest rate possible, as that is what everyone thinks…right? Wrong! In reality, there is so much more to consider. The lowest interest rate, doesn’t always mean the cheapest deal..
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I come from the construction background and know firsthand which banks favor those in the construction, sole traders, or limited companies as I’ve built up great relationships with the banks over time.
I loved my time on site with the boys and I’m now wanting to help out with securing the best deals out there for you guys!
I don’t charge a fee for arranging mortgages so get in touch and we can have a chat about what your best options are. And, I promise not to be seen dead in a shirt and tie…too uncomfortable anyway!


Some of our common mortgage questions

How much will it cost?

Jack is completely free to use. There are no charges to speak to us and we can help to arrange your mortgage / remortgage. We get paid directly from the banks for setting up the mortgage so you don’t need to factor in our fees. We figure you have better things to spend that money on, like a new flat screen TV to watch the footie on!


Why go through JACK?

JACK comes from the construction background, having 10yrs experience working in your field, he knows the best lenders when it comes to you guys on site. 

Self Employed?, not a problem, we work with and have great relationships with the banks so let us speak to them for you!

We have access across the whole of market and have availability to deals the average bloke doesn’t, even if you went directly to the bank. 

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